The Himalayan Salt Lamps

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are decorative.
They are also used to help healing and balance the home energy environment , and much more if there are electrical devices.

Having an environment overloaded with irritating ions is the cause of many respiratory problems, such as rhinitis, asthma and allergies. It is also the cause of many headaches and fatigue
Therefore, negative ions, like those in rain, are the “relaxing” ions. In modern homes there are too many electrical appliances which fill homes with positive or irritating ions.
There are scientific studies where it is explained that when an environment is loaded (like the one that comes to be before a storm) the environment makes us feel restless and in a state of alert. This is due to the electrical charge of the air that is saturated with positive ions that are irritants. Then the rain arrives and purifies the environment, which leads to a state of relaxation and rest.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps have the virtue of balancing the environment where they are kept on, leading yourself to feel the relaxing energy.

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