The Lunar phases and its benefits

Since the world was created, the Moon has been related to a mystical energy that, depending on each of the stages, has. And because of  this there is the belief that the Moon has the power to improve or delay some issues. It is known that the Moon has energy in its different lunar phases that are 4 and that not only influence both the earth and people, and can even determine moods. Due to this same influence that the Moon has, it is logical that each moon phase and its own energy can be used to obtain various benefits. Currently this depends on how much you believe in astrology, magic, the intangible and inexplicable and it is worth having a lunar calendar handy and being guided by these tips. energy that favors the lunar phases

  1. New Moon The New Moon is characterized by being an absent moon in the sky, but it is a Moon with great influence on people’s spirits. During its presence it is normal to feel empty, since the New Moon is the energy of change. When it is New Moon it is advisable to organize the ideas and purposes for the following dates, but not carry them out yet, which if it must be carried out are closing and renewal activities, as if we wanted to make a clean slate. Here are some ways to connect with the New Moon: •Eat healthy • Make a list and write the aspects of your life that need a transformation. • Apply healing or restorative beauty treatments • Drink lots of water to purify your body • Sow seeds
  2. Four Crescent The fourth Crescent is when the Moon begins to light up and is believed to be when it brings the energy of growth. It is important to focus on all the aspects that grow to give them shape, after we have purified in the previous phase what we want to discard. These are the days when most attention is paid to new projects. The energy of the crescent moon will help us to plan clearly and precisely, so we recommend: • Fertilize a plant • Reorganize your business and finances • Make an action plan • Cut the ends of your hair.
  3. Full Moon for excellence, the Full Moon is the most vibrant and important of all the phases of the lunar cycle. It is a moon that invites you to expand, think big and take action on your goals. This Moon has more energy than any and has great power in people’s minds. You feel with that energy and desire to make and achieve goals. How to put the full moon to good use? With these ideas you will put the energy of the full moon to good use: • You can take advantage of your sexual energy but also take into consideration that in this moon phase fertility is very active, so if you are looking for a pregnancy it is an excellent time. • Make a renewing haircut. • Give course to the projects prospected in the previous lunar phases. • Do energy bath rituals to take all the energy of the Moon. • Gather your friends, it’s a great time to socialize.
  4. Last Quarter This phase is the moon phase of reflection. This moon phase is the least famous as it is related to infertility. And that also indicates that it is not a good time to start businesses, get haircuts or to plan matters that you want to see flourish. This stage shows a moment of inner search, so it is recommended: •To meditate •Rest • Close harmful cycles. To take advantage of the energy of the Moon in the best way, each of the phases must be taken into consideration, but if this is not possible, the Full Moon and the New Moon are the ones that have the most positive influence.

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