Benefits of planet Mercury

The light of the soul is generally attributed to Mercury, which means that it is also the mind of the soul, the higher mind or Buddhi.

Mercury is the mediating principle, between matter and spirit, it can interconnect the upper and lower worlds. That is why it is also called the messenger between the gods and humans. Mercury is a type of neutral, reflective principle that can work on the most diverse planes and always transmit the energies of the planets in its proximity.

Mercury is the planet of communication, he communicates the expression of the Soul Mercury is credited with the fortunate gift of reminiscence… when it stimulates the perception of the animus, one starts to speak. But when it provokes reason, one interprets. Therefore, to connect with it, herbs, talismans, music, and other elements that sympathetically capture the mercurial ray should be used when we seek to acquire the qualities of this planet. These same elements are enhanced if we manufacture or take them at a time where Mercury has dignity in heaven.

One of the herbs governed by mercury is lavender, also valerian, parsley, fennel, among others. In general, Mercury herbs are used to regulate the energy of the nervous system, sometimes to control excess mental energy , as well as to modulate digestion.

Mercury, although it is known as a small planet, has great qualities.
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