Venus and its contributions to humanity

Venus is the second planet in the solar system, they call it the twin of planet earth since it shares some physical similarities, it is known as the planet of desire and it is the energy with which we work to manifest that which gives us a life of abundance and pleasure. in social relationships.

It is also the planet that shows us that we are in a constant relationship with ourselves, with our body, with our finances, with our friends, with our partner, with our career, with our spiritual development, etc. Venus is basically our feminine energy and it is latent in each of these relationships.

Venus is known as the planet of love, since Venus represents the affective, the capacity to love and the need to receive affection. It symbolizes the affective relationship with the outside world, attraction, beauty, sentimental and physical pleasure.

Although little known in this area, Venus is also associated with money, sex and goods in general. The words that describe it could be harmony, union and relationship capacity, there are other aspects with which it is also related and they are the concepts of beauty, pleasure and sociability.

The symbol of the planet Venus is a stylized representation of the mirror of the goddess Venus: a circle with a small cross underneath, also used today to denote the female sex.

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