The Benefits of Incense

It is well known that incense can calm the spirits, relax, inspire, reassure, help clarify ideas, transmute and even change the energies at home and ourselves as well, it helps concentration and promotes creativity.
It is usually used in homes to create a pleasant environment and to perfume. It helps to relax in Yoga and Meditation classes, it is used in Tarot consultations, to concentrate, transmute energies and create a conducive environment. Its benefits, as you can see, are very broad and all aimed at serenity and clarity.
To use it correctly, use 1 wand a day and that will be enough, it can be at any time of the day. It is always lit with wooden matches, it is allowed to light and to extinguish the flame that always remains when lighting, the wand is waved in the air until it goes out. It should never be blown, nor is it correct to touch the wand with your hands, it should be taken from the part where there is no incense. The ashes that remain should not be touched with the fingers, it is best if they are thrown in a garden or in the sea or in the mountains … If you want to ask for an economic improvement, it is done in the afternoon, until midnight. If it is for a love theme, it is best in the morning.

Types of Incense

There are them in different presentations such as wands, cones, powder, stones and essential oils. It is only important to always use a support and the wooden matches.

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