Day of the dead celebration

The Day of the Dead or All Saints Day is a traditional celebration in Latin America that is inspired by honoring the dead

In ancient times it was important to make an offering in honor of the deceased, practicing hard but intense rituals so that the deceased would arrive safely at one of the four paradises according to their way of death, putting food, copal, vessels, knives, jade stones and seeds; They also used xoloescuintle dogs since it was believed that they helped them to be the light in the passage through the underworld so people would not get lost on the way to reach paradise, sacrificing them and burying them together with the deceased person.

When the Spaniards arrived to America in the 16th century, they brought their own traditional celebrations to commemorate the deceased, and the dead were remembered on All Saints’ Day. By converting the natives of the New World, a syncretism was given rise that mixed European and Latin traditions, making the Catholic festivities of All Saints and All Souls Day coincide with the similar Mesoamerican festival, which managed to create the current one. Day of the Dead.
This celebration has evolved over time.
Around 1859 the custom of decorating the tombs with flowers and candles, visiting the cementeries on the days of the Faithful Dead, was consolidated.
People took advantage of these days to be able to use their black clothes that they had prepared before to be able to wear them in the cementery.
Tradition mentions that on that day, the dead are allowed to return from where they are to earth, and be able to visit their relatives, they have the pleasure of knowing that their loved ones will return, they put an altar where they place everything that they liked while they were alive, like food, drink, etc.

It is believed that they will come and for one day a year, they will eat and drink together with their loved ones, which is cause for great celebration.

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