Plants spiritual benefits

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that literally means “wind-water”, and says that the habitat in which we live considerably affects our physical and spiritual health.
For this reason, Feng Shui gives special importance to the power of trees and plants to generate harmony and well-being around us; since they have the ability to attract ‘Chi’ and good luck to the home and thus increase our creativity and the production of happiness hormones such as serotonin or oxytocin.
Here we inform you about some.
• The Cactus. It is one of the plants that have the ability to absorb toxic energies. A good place to put it is in the kitchen, because it counteracts smoke and sudden changes in temperature.

• The rosemary. It is excellent for physical and mental well-being. It is an herb that is also used to make herbal teas to sleep well, to promote good mood and helps to counteract nervous discomfort in general.

• The Bonsai. It is recommended in case of having sick people at home. Bonsai call for fortune and money, as they are associated with abundance.

• Lavender. lavender, a symbol of purity, is a good solution to combat the effects of stress and promotes relaxation. We can place it in the bedroom to give us serenity.

• Potos. The Chinese place this plant in the darkest corners of the house to repel bad vibes. A good place could be the landing of the stairs, for example, hanging on the wall.

• Bamboo. Having a bamboo at home, according to Feng Shui, augurs us fortune, good luck and peace.

• Peonies. The peony flower symbolizes good health and luck in love. Put them in the living room so that they spread their energy to the rest of the home.

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