Jupiter’s Benefits

In Greco-Roman mythology, Jupiter is the king of the gods, a deity who destroyed an ancient race of titans to become the jealous and vengeful lord of the heavens and the earth.

Speaking of the spiritual attributes that Jupiter has, since it is the planet with the largest dimension in the solar system, it is associated with expansion, abundance and freedom, it is, together with Saturn, a mediator between the individual and society.

Jupiter is the one who thinks big and sees all the possibilities, but needs Saturn to realistically achieve what he wants, his key word is “big” – in fact, it is no coincidence that it is the celestial body with the largest diameter in the solar system and measures almost twelve times larger than the Earth-, it represents trust, optimism, abundance, great promises, opportunities, the meaning and meaning of life, the search for truth, the cosmovision, the holistic vision and global, innate wisdom, philosophy, providence, hope, faith, existential principles, good luck, fortune, opportunities and new horizons.
One of the functions of Jupiter is to take advantage of knowledge and intellect to travel internally beyond the horizons that are known to them to search for the truth. And it is this need for expansion that encourages the Jupiterian person to explore and venture into new experiences.

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