Benefits of the planet Saturn

Chronos among the Greeks, Saturn among the Romans.

Saturn is the planet of melancholy and nostalgia. Therefore, this planet is strongly associated with responsibility, concentration, perseverance, self-criticism, justice, maturation and improvement.
It governs responsibility, time, and the law of cause/effect. It influences the way we manage, control and maintain stability in our lives. Related to old age, the cycle of life and death falls under its domain.

It is a planet that is always giving lessons
It is a testing ground to demonstrate a person’s level of maturity and responsibility in dealing with what they have learned or achieved.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, he is ready to test all who come near

Saturn is the furthest planet visible from Earth with the naked eye. And its planetary rings are its most impressive feature. The rings are, of course, symbolic of the laws of karma.

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