Benefits of Planet Uranus

Uranus is the 7th planet and it symbolizes rebellion, revolution, sudden changes. The planet is fundamentally about liberating crystallizations of consciousness, emotional, ideological, intellectual and social. It generates the desire to create something, the result of dissatisfaction with the previous reality. It is the need to change what is established, to innovate.

This planet is associated with technology, the Internet, electronic devices, speed, electricity, revolution, sudden changes, interruptions, clashes of order and the breaking of patterns. It invokes new currents of thought, grants intuition and inspires innovative solutions to difficult problems. The planet is a symbol of the “starry sky”

The positive side of Uranus brings independence, versatility, independence, willingness to change, creativity, freedom, originality and the ability to invent, not to settle only for the reality that surrounds us, to see something beyond.

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