Benefits of Planet Uranus

Uranus is the 7th planet and it symbolizes rebellion, revolution, sudden changes. The planet is fundamentally about liberating crystallizations of consciousness, emotional, ideological, intellectual and social. It generates the desire to create something, the result of dissatisfaction with the previous reality. It is the need to change what is established, to innovate. This planet is …

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Benefits of the planet Saturn

Chronos among the Greeks, Saturn among the Romans. Saturn is the planet of melancholy and nostalgia. Therefore, this planet is strongly associated with responsibility, concentration, perseverance, self-criticism, justice, maturation and improvement.It governs responsibility, time, and the law of cause/effect. It influences the way we manage, control and maintain stability in our lives. Related to old …

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Jupiter’s Benefits

In Greco-Roman mythology, Jupiter is the king of the gods, a deity who destroyed an ancient race of titans to become the jealous and vengeful lord of the heavens and the earth. Speaking of the spiritual attributes that Jupiter has, since it is the planet with the largest dimension in the solar system, it is …

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Benefits of Planet Mars

Mars It is the fourth planet in the Solar System closest to the Sun. It was named after the god of war in Roman mythology Mars, sometimes it receives the nickname of red planet due to the reddish appearance that the iron oxide gives it. dominates its surface. Mars represents the animal side that humans …

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Plants spiritual benefits

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that literally means “wind-water”, and says that the habitat in which we live considerably affects our physical and spiritual health.For this reason, Feng Shui gives special importance to the power of trees and plants to generate harmony and well-being around us; since they have the ability to attract …

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